Electrical Design Course

Electrical Design Course

Smart car (based on PLC control )  The main professional training with electrical engineering system, automatic control, power electronics technology, information processing, test analysis, basic knowledge and basic skills, in electrical engineering and related fields engaged in research and development, operation and management work of the senior specialized personnel. The main course of circuit theory, electronic technology, power electronics technology, computer technology, motor and drag ( language, software, hardware foundation, SCM, PLC ), signals and systems and control theory. Industrial design training objectives the main professional training with industrial product design on the basis of the theoretical knowledge and the application ability, can be in the enterprises and institutions, please keep this tag design departments, research institutes engaged in industrial product design, teaching and scientific research work level of undergraduate talents or college level and applied talents. Main course design sketch, design color design, constitution, design, computer aided design, mechanical design basis, man-machine engineering, model making, form design, visual communication design and product design. Safety engineering training objectives the main professional training has a system of safety management, safety inspection and monitoring, security engineering design and foundation of professional knowledge and professional skills, in the fields of accident disaster prevention technology and security science and technology research, safety supervision and management, labor hygiene and environmental design and inspection.

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